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After the success of the two first editions of the bi-annual international conference ICTA (2007 and 2009), the Third International Conference on ICT and Accessibility will take place in the famous seaside resort, Gammarth- Tunis from 05 to 07 May 2011.

ICTA 2011 will provide a unique forum for all research related to ICT and e-accessibility. This conference addresses new trends and challenges, emerging technologies and progress in standards relevant to today's fast moving areas of Information and Communication Technologies. It will also discuss how e-accessibility can be supported and improved.

E-learning and e-accessibility constitutes a privileged topic of ICTA. In fact, the main objective of e-learning is to provide instruction and education to all kind of learners independently of their different places, different cultures or of different abilities. With this vision, e-learning should be barrierfree – accessible and usable - for all. Furthermore, W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has developed a series of guidelines which help to ensure that Web resources can be accessed by people with disabilities. However, the accessibility of e-learning provides additional challenges that may not be faced when providing access to other Web resources.

ICTA 2011 will devote a particular attention to Software Engineering Environments and Tools, Model Driven Architectures, Software Reuse and Web-Based Software Engineering for improving accessibility and assistive technology.

ICTA 2011 is expected to cover state-of-the-art technologies, theoretical concepts, standards, product implementations, ongoing research projects and innovative applications of e-learning and e-accessibility. The conference will primarily discuss how e-learning can deploy practical usability techniques in interface design, contents, tools and e-learning environments to make e-learning accessible for everyone, including people with visual, motor, cognitive or hearing impairments.

The conference will be cross-disciplinary and will provide an outstanding opportunity for users, accessibility experts, graphic designers, researchers and teachers to address new trends and challenges, and to discuss how e-learning and e-accessibility can be supported and improved.

URL : http://www.icta.rnu.tn/




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